Finding The Right Make-up For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are the best platforms to showcase talents of and skills of all kinds. Fashion designers get to step in and put their best foot forward, hair and make up artists are also not left out in the cold as they also have an equal chance to put their work on display. Now we understand what all that fuss is usually all about in regards to weddings. Sometimes some of us think that it is just a wedding and tends to be a bit too exaggerated. Once we understand that so much is at stake here, then we can escape that line of thought. Every wedding has its highlights, and they must be given all the due attention.

Finding the perfect wedding make up

In our case, our highlight is the make up. When the make up goes awry, then everything else doesn’t stand a chance to make up for it. This is why wedding makeup must be duly emphasized, and the skilled artist found and employed to make the whole day a complete success.

No one said that the entire venture was going to be a walk in the park or a bed of roses, especially for the bride. She must be well armed and ready to face her big day with all the energy she has been saving up. Finding the perfect wedding make up can be so involving in the sense that she should venture into the whole exercise months before the big day.

This is because she must use all the time she has to seek advice from genuine experts about the make up and side effects if there are any.

Tips on finding the perfect wedding make up

Being an onerous task that bogs down most brides even before the big day, it is always good to be prepared even in the case of finding the best make up for your D-day.

Do your research

This is the best and only way to know what exactly you are getting your face into and to save it as well. You can do your research online regarding the brands and products you wish to use on your wedding day and know whether to avoid them at all costs or embrace them and never let them out of your sight.

You can also do some research from trusted friends and relatives. Target the ones that have been down that road before and would be only too happy to help you out.

Consult your dermatologist

Let them know what your fears are and if there is anything that they can do to alleviate them. You only have one life to live, and that means you must be very conscious about every step you take to avoid a lifetime of disappointments.

Your make up artist has a say

For everything to turn out perfectly, you need the services of a make up artist that have been in the industry long enough to have mastered the art of choosing the perfect make up for your wedding day.

Breast enlargement surgery explained

Breast enlargement refers to the process of placing breast implants to increase the breast size. It is used to restore breast volume after losing weight or pregnancy. The surgery has gained a lot of popularity. If you have been thinking about going for a breast enlargement surgery, then it is important to have the information at your fingertips. Here are just a few things you should know about the surgery.


How it works

hgghghhghghgghghThe surgeon puts an implant on your breast. The implants can be silicone based or saline. The surgeon has to make an incision under your breasts, the edge of the areola or in the armpit. The surgeon will adjust the implant to your desired position. Once it is well positioned, the area is stitched. The implant is either placed under the chest muscle or the breast tissue. Breast enlargement surgery can help to lift sagging breasts. You do not have to stay in the hospital after undergoing surgery. You will be given medicine to put you to sleep during the breast surgery.

After surgery

After the surgery, your breast will be supported using a special bra or wrapped using a plastic bandage. It can take a maximum of 10 days for the stitches to be removed. Your breasts may have bruises, swelling, and even soreness after the surgery. The bruises and swelling can take several weeks to heal. However, you can go back to your normal activities in a matter of days. You only have to make sure not to lift heavy things or strenuous exercises. After undergoing breast enlargement surgery, you will have scars. However, the scars will not be visible since they will be under the armpits or the areola.

How effective is breast enlargement surgery?

The main reason why people go for breast enlargement surgery is to increase their breast size. Additionally, the surgery helps your breasts to match in shape and size. If you are realistic about what you want, then there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with the results.


gghghghghhghghghhhgThere are certain risks associated with breast enlargement surgery. The first one is the capsular contracture which occurs when the scar tissue starts to harden and squeezes the implant. The second risk is the inability to feel the nipples, abnormal scarring, infection, and hematoma. The risks are always higher if you undergo several surgeries at once, like having a breast enlargement and breast lift.