3 Resources for Your RV Life on the Go

Moving in full-time or setting out on a four-wheeled vacation, the time spent in your RV deserves to be exciting. Of course, there will always be mundane moments—stopping for gas, getting insurance, or performing routine maintenance—but your on-the-go lifestyle should be indulgent as often as possible. As you hit the open road, a few resources will be vital to getting the most from RV life, whether you’re determining where to park or you’re looking for ways to have fun within the confines of your new home.

1. On-the-go Indulgences


A short-term trip or lifelong journey, your RV should be a home away from home, with all the luxuries (within reason) you could expect from a night on your living room sofa or tucked into bed watching Netflix. At the same time, though, you can’t always bring all your belongings with you. However, you can often find a more mobile-friendly alternative to your favorite at-home amenities.

Consider, for example, someone who loves giving themself and their loved ones manicures. Bringing nail polish, topcoat, and all the must-have tools for your home salon can take up more space than you can spare in a camper. Nail strips or stick on polish, though, will take up little to no room and offer a faster, easier result than the typical nail polish you’re used to using. Try to apply the same concept to whatever your passion might be—how can you make it mobile home friendly?

2. RV-Focused Destinations


When you stop driving to get some rest or unwind after a long day on the open road, you might be tempted to stop at the first campground you find that doesn’t require a reservation in advance. If you want a great place to stay, though, it’s essential to put a little more thought into your stopping place. What better way to make the most of your rest stop than by finding a spot that’s meant for campers like you?

Rather than resting at the first acceptable spot you come across, take time to seek out a premier RV park along your route. Not only will you have the chance to connect with like-minded RVers, but you can take advantage of various amenities that only a premier RV resort can offer. Seek out spots with features like on-site activities, laundry and shower availability, or even a dog park. If there’s something you’re longing for, you’ll find there’s an RV park that offers it.

3. Small-Space Living


Whether you’re embracing your new mobile home or you’ll only be on the road for a short time, your camper will become home as you travel between RV resorts and other destinations. Of course, you’ll want to feel at home while you’re inside!

Luckily, the increasing popularity of tiny houses and additional small space living arrangements means there is no shortage of tips and tricks to make living in tight quarters feel as luxurious as any other residence. By seeking out products, advice, and resources geared to other small space dwellers, you‘ll find that your RV has plenty of room for everything you could ever want or need, even if it‘s a fraction of the size of your previous home.

For just a short trip or 24/7, life in an RV can be just as enjoyable as anywhere else, if not even more so. And, with resources like these at hand, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your new, more mobile lifestyle. From finding a premier RV resort to switching to portable options like nail wraps when it comes to your favorite hobbies, you may very well find that small space living is more freeing and enjoyable than a more conventional lifestyle could ever be.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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