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About Us

Women of Philosophy is a global media publication focused on women – we share ideas, experiences, and relevant content. Since 2016, we have helped women, young and old, create the lives they want to live through empowering information, vulnerable conversations, and shared experiences, to support and inspire them to follow their dreams. We help women embark on a journey of finding their true selves. There are no rules for achieving your dreams and living the lives that you want to live, but we aim to help our readers along the way.

This is a space where women can learn from others’ experiences and start finding the courage and power within themselves to pursue their goals. When women come together, anything is possible. Feed your mind and soul with stories, tips, and knowledge from around the world. Along with our talented team of journalists and experts, our readers can help us create a movement that motivates, entertains, and empowers women!

Our Essence

Our Essence

Women of Philosophy relies on Creativity, Identity, Inclusivity, & Influence. We are a “good vibes only” space, and a positive online community covering the latest in style, career, culture, identity, and more. Featuring an eclectic and stylized mix of news, essays, features, and reviews, we are dedicated to providing you with relatable content representing an array of diverse voices. When women feel confident about their bodies, their value, and their innate intelligence, they can step into their worlds and express themselves. Shared experiences bring us closer together, and we celebrate every individual for who they are – both unique and similar, in so many ways.

Our Promise

Women of Philosophy produces and curates diverse stories, ideas, tips, and advice to our audience of bright, unique, and inspiring women.

We are the ideal place for women to recognize, explore, and take full advantage of their limitless power. At Women of Philosophy, we collaborate and renew our content so that we can provide our readers with the most relevant and valuable information everyday. We strive to encourage and motivate the everyday woman by giving her the tools to overcome everyday challenges and meet women who have faced the same adversity. We believe there’s no better time than now to step into your light.

Our Team

Our Founder

Solange Autry is the founder of Women of Philosophy.

Prior to conceptualizing and founding Women of Philosophy, Solange worked in advertising, marketing, public relations, event planning, content production, and social media strategies for many impressive fashion, tech, and entertainment companies. She is a passionate advocate for empowering women and even created her own nonprofit called Woman Up. She has spent much of her professional and personal life encouraging the development and growth of women through special events, blogging, conferences, and webinars. Solange obtained her undergraduate degree from Howard University in Journalism with a concentration in Women’s Studies. She went on to obtain her graduate degree in Social Work from UCLA. She is now a prominent and successful writer, speaker, influencer, and leader. 

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