5 Essential Leadership Qualities

The TV show “The Office” will forever be a fan favorite. In 20 years, people will still be laughing at the pranks that Jim pulls on Dwight and then tearing up when they end up best friends in the end! While the antics of Michael Scott, self-proclaimed “World’s Best Boss,” may-be funny for the viewer to laugh at through the screen, it’s a whole lot less funny when your so-called “team leader” offers you absolutely no insight into the work assignment you’ve been losing sleep over for months! You’ve been dying to take your work to the next level but fear that the subpar leadership skills in your office are going to be the cause of many more sleepless nights to come. The dream of elevating your career as a young lawyer seems farther and farther away. Your alma mater did not prepare you for icky leaders, and about 13 percent of people admit that at some point in their careers, they’ve had terrible bosses!

What exactly makes a leader a leader?


Following in the footsteps of the greats like Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Simon Sinek, you have to consider what traits all of these incredible powerhouses had in common. A major one? They struggled, and then they inspired! In the United States, there is a notion that anyone can be successful, and while that can be true in some cases, a great boss can often be what drastically changes people’s lives! Think about your first boss when you worked at the local fitness studio. They were mean and jacked up on pre-workout ally day, and they constantly berated you for not cleaning the treadmill well enough! But now, there are leadership development services that will change your career forever. The Center for Creative Leadership offers an innovative approach in its leadership program and workshops to improve the culture and strategies in the workplace and promote successful leadership skills.

Leaders fight for others to have opportunities.

There may come a time in your life where you find yourself searching for litigation counsel and legal services. In this case, it is an absolute necessity that you search for a hard-fighting, ethically aligned, never-going-to-back-down kind of woman like Malliha Wilson. Whether you’re in need of protection from human rights abuses or you’re stuck in a Russian prison, help is on the way! Don’t let your upcoming events be drowned out by human rights violators. You need a leader in your defense with an impressive career full of peace negotiations and extensive experience caring for her clients. She is the epitome of a true leader.

Let’s break down what makes someone great!

Leaders are often full of confidence! If you haven’t watched “The Last Dance” on Netflix, this is your sign to turn on the TV immediately! (Don’t tell your boss if you’re working from home!) It’s apparent that confidence is a major key in driving success, so be sure that what you say matters! Leaders make important decisions, meaning they also take the heat when things go seriously wrong. A leader has to have the ability to not only make the game time calls but be held accountable when it’s sadly the wrong call. Your boss should have great communication skills and not fill your inbox with hectic and overwhelming emails when you’re not even at work!

A good leader can be more life-changing than many of us even realize. Much like having loving grandparents who sneak cookies into our school lunches, having a boss or a lawyer who genuinely cares about YOU can make all the difference in the world. A growing number of countries are evolving with a more fast-paced lifestyle with work becoming a focus more now than ever, and a great workplace creates a great home life.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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