5 Tips to Prepare for a Home Roof Replacement

Your roof’s a vital part of your home’s structure. The roof keeps moisture from getting inside your house. Damaged roofs allow rain and snow to enter your home, resulting in moisture buildup that can rot floorboards and cause mold growth.

Depending on the materials used, roofs last between 20 and 50 years. Old roofs break down and must be replaced. You may also have to replace your roof due to storm damage. Following the tips outlined here ensures you’re ready to have a new roof installed.

1. Find a reputable roofing company.

You may know people who’ve hired roofing contractors who can recommend roofing companies. You can also read client reviews online. Seeking referrals is a great way to find roofers you can trust when hiring contractors to work on your home.

Reputable Miami roof replacement companies complete a roof inspection and inspect your attic before you hire them, ensuring you understand the scope of work required to install your new roof. Your roofers will explain your options and provide a free estimate. The materials and labor costs for roof repairs and new roof installations are under warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

2. Secure the funds for a new roof.


Some roofing companies offer direct financing. You can apply to cover the cost of materials and installation through them, making it easy to secure the money you need to pay for your new roof.

The costs may be covered by your insurance company if you’re repairing or replacing a roof because it was damaged in a storm. You’ll need to document your storm damage and file a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company may also perform an inspection before they approve your insurance claim.

3. Secure your possessions.


The scope of work for replacing a roof can vary. For example, a minor roof repair may take a few hours, while a roof replacement could take days if there’s damage to your attic. When your roofing contractor inspects your home and establishes the scope of work required, they can estimate how much time it’ll take to replace your roof.

There are multiple reasons you should look for self storage near you and rent a storage unit where you can secure your belongings. You may need to store your recreational vehicle (RV) or extra vehicles to make room for your roofing company to park and unload materials and equipment. Roofers use power tools, which can cause your home to vibrate. Consequently, items hung on walls or set on shelves could fall.

Removing vulnerable possessions and placing them in storage ensures they won’t be damaged while your new roof’s installed. Self-storage facilities make it easy for you to store items safely. You may also need to remove items from your attic if your roofers need access to that space to complete the project.

4. Make arrangements for your pets.


Loud noises can frighten pets, causing them to run away. Replacing a roof is noisy, and your pets may be frightened by the unusual activity at your home. You may also have contractors entering your home if your roofers need access to your attic during the replacement process, which could allow your pets to escape.

You may be able to have your pets stay with friends or family members. Alternatively, you can pay to put your pets in a kennel. You could also rent a pet-friendly motel room where you could stay with your pets until your roof’s installed.

5. Notify your neighbors and security company.


Let neighbors know you have roofers coming to your home to install a new roof. This way, they won’t be concerned about strangers on your property. They also won’t be surprised by the noise from construction work.

Let your security company know you’ll have contractors at your property. You can authorize access to your property, ensuring your security company won’t interfere with the roofers while they’re working on your home.

Replacing your roof can be a time-consuming process. Taking time to prepare will prevent complications, enabling your roofers to install your new roof without complications.

Bree Gates

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