7 Tips for Driving With a Baby

Whether you’re taking a road trip with your newborn infant or are just a little concerned about how to adjust to driving with a baby on board, there are plenty of driving tips out there to read. If safety and comfort are both at the top of your list of priorities when driving with your infant, here are seven tips to keep in mind.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Having the right car insurance policy can give you peace of mind when you’re driving with your baby in the car. That being said, car insurance prices can also make making ends meet more challenging as you adjust to the new financial ramifications of having and caring for a baby. Compare car insurance quotes with iSelect to get the best deal in your area.

Use the Power of Two

The wonderful thing about having a partner to help your parent is that you get the opportunity to split up responsibilities. This can be especially helpful when you’re driving in the car with your baby since one parent can drive while the other stays in the backseat with your infant. This allows each of you to focus on the task at hand without needing to split your focus.

Drive During the Night

Although it can be more exhausting for you, driving during the night is sometimes a useful strategy. Nighttime driving is usually less crowded which also means the roads are less dangerous. Additionally, your baby is more likely to sleep soundly at night meaning that you have less to worry about.

Plan for Stops

Traveling with children of any age will require frequent stops, and babies are no different. Don’t think of your GPS estimated time of arrival as definite. Instead, factor in stops to rest, eat, change your baby’s diaper, and get some fresh air. Although it may take you longer, you’ll ultimately have a more comfortable trip.

Pack What You Need

Whether or not you’re driving long distances, you’ll want to make sure that you have a bag for diapers, baby wipes, toys, formula, and anything else you’d take with you when heading anywhere with your baby. Being prepared will help you minimize the time it takes each time you stop because you won’t also be searching for a store to buy extra supplies from. Some parents even choose to make a special bag just for car travel that can sit in the trunk and contains everything they need to travel with their baby.

Bring Entertainment

When your baby is awake, it’s a good idea to have different things for them to play or engage with. That may be a favorite stuffed animal or rattling toy, or it could be a CD of child-friendly music to play in your vehicle. Even babies can get bored on a long trip, so make sure to come prepared. This is especially true if you’re planning on having one parent sit with the baby in the backseat to interact with them.

Follow the Law

This should go without saying, but especially with a baby on board, it’s crucial that you follow all local traffic laws and obey the speed limit. Keep in mind that distracted driving is still a major cause of accidents, and that worrying about your baby is just as mentally distracting as texting behind the wheel. Collect yourself and find a way to drive carefully and everything will be okay.

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to prepare for driving with a baby. Keep the above tricks in mind and you’ll be well on your way to having a safer and more efficient drive with your newborn.

Ruby Guzman

Style Editor

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