Car Safety Tips for the Whole Family

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing car ride with your family through the countryside, and conversely, there’s also nothing like a stressful ride in bumper to bumper, rush hour traffic. The fact of the matter is the more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to be in an auto accident, so it’s a good idea to learn as much about car safety as possible.

Whenever you’re operating a motor vehicle, you’re responsible for the safety of all your passengers, and you even have to drive as if you’re responsible for the other crazies on the road. Continue reading to get some tips that will help keep your entire family safe on the highways and byways.

Get as much auto insurance as you can afford.


Of course, you know that federal law makes it mandatory to have car insurance to operate a motor vehicle, and there are different state laws across the United States that dictate how much or what level of car insurance you have to have. People often purchase the minimum amount of insurance their state will allow, but in the end, you’re gaming yourself and not the state.

It’s understandable to want to save money on auto insurance, but the purpose of it is to give you peace of mind. Auto accidents often cause hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) in bodily injuries and property damage, and if you’re the fault party, you’ll be glad for car insurance.

Rather than getting the minimum required car insurance policy, you should get as much insurance as you can afford. Some insurance companies offer safe driver discounts, a new car replacement, and accident forgiveness as perks for purchasing top-level insurance.

Don’t underestimate the importance of pet safety.


While it’s rather obvious that you need to strap your baby or toddler in a car seat, most people tend to let their pets ride freestyle. As much as your pooch may love to hang out of the window to catch a breeze and a view of the passing scenery, it’s a good idea to put your pet in a dog car harness.

The people at Joyride Harness are dedicated to pet parents who love to travel with their dogs and cats, so they know the importance of pet safety. Obviously, the goal is to avoid having a car accident at all costs, but you should also plan for it in case the worst happens. After all, it’s better to prepare and never need your preparation than vice versa.

Car seats save lives.


Believe it or not, there was a time when babies rode on their mother’s or father’s lap and toddlers and small children sat unharnessed in their own seats. If it sounds like a recipe for disaster, that’s because it was, but hindsight is always 2020.

The good news is that today, not only do we have adjustable car seats for our little bundles of joy, but they’re also mandated by state laws in many parts of the United States. In fact, after giving birth, most hospitals won’t even allow you to take your baby out of the hospital unless you have a car seat for them. Furthermore, if you’re involved in a traffic stop in which you’re cited for not having your small child in a car seat, not only will state laws penalize you, but your insurance company might also.

It’s critical that you do some online research to find the best car seat you can afford for your child. Your best bet is to get a convertible car seat that can become a booster seat once your toddler is able to sit comfortably with a seat belt. They come in different styles, sizes, and ease-of-use ratings, so there’s plenty to consider before making your final decision.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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