FAQs You Should Know Before Knocking Down And Rebuilding Your Dream Home

Owning one’s own home is a dream which many people have. To be able to call a house your own is a financial and personal goal for folks who’ve gotten tired of apartment living. Sometimes though, when a person gets their home, they find that they want to do more to it. They find that they want to renovate the house, making significant structural changes to it.

This leads to considering the process of a knockdown rebuild. A knockdown rebuild (or home demolition) involves pulling down your existing house and using the land to build a brand-new home. Before going through such a process, check out this set of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions), so you’ll know how best to proceed before beginning this involved demolition process.

Is your home viable for a knockdown repair?

First, you’ll want to have an expert assess your property to see if a home demolition is even possible and get their approval. For example, your current home might not be compatible with a modern design from a registered builder. In cases like this, renovation is a better option. it’s best to have a specialist assess the property just to be sure.

On the other hand, if your home has an odd layout, renovations in such cases might not be possible. Such renovations might include trying to add a new pool with a complex pool design, adding outdoor lighting, enhancing the bathroom decor, adding an outdoor kitchen, adding a dining kitchen, doing a guest bath spruce-up, or even adding a waterfall to a new backyard pool. Imagine all of these home structural accessories not being able to take form, because the common consensus is that you need a new house.

In cases like these, you will need a knockdown repair. This allows you to implement a custom design for your new home. This might even give you an opportunity to make certain add ons from scratch, including installing a home swimming pool with the approval of a pool builder and a pool company. Who doesn’t love the idea of having their own personal standard pool or maybe even a custom pool? Having a chance to make your custom pool job a reality can do wonders with making the home demolition a bit easier to swallow.

You can now include all of those pool water features (like a waterfall) that you wanted to add but weren’t able to before. Now you’ll possibly have a reason to contact a pool contractor or those pool building companies Tampa to help you build your dream pool. You can even contact various Tampa based bathroom designers to discuss your interior design options for your bathroom area.

Is this the right thing to do financially?


This is a huge step for a homeowner, new or old. You’re already paying on a home that you own. Due to a desire to make major structural changes to your house, you’re considering possibly tearing down and rebuilding the home from scratch. This is a huge financial step to take.

You’ll have to ask yourself what the property is currently worth, and how much it will it cost to renovate. What will it cost to build a new home after having bought the property? Answering these questions will help you to assess the financial cost of taking on a knockdown rebuild.

Going the route of a knockdown rebuild in some cases brings some benefits. These might include lower ongoing costs, a home which is more energy-efficient, a full 7-year builder’s warranty, a ‘modern’ floor plan, and many perks. In addition to this, a lot of homeowners, say they tend to have far fewer issues dealing with builders on a new home than they would have if they had gone through a renovation.

What kind of schedule am I looking at?


One of the things which need to be considered is how long are you willing to wait for this work to be done. Renovations tend to take a shorter time than a knockdown rebuild. A knockdown repair can take a bit longer depending on a variety of factors including the size of the property, complexity of the design, adverse weather, legal challenges, and other issues that could potentially slow down construction work.

With renovations, though it might cost more than starting from scratch with a knockdown repair, as mentioned before, it might take a shorter time. Another thing you’ll have to consider as a homeowner is do you have the time to wait for your home to be rebuilt from scratch? Would you be willing to wait for that period of time for a new home?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions you’ll know if you’re going to opt for a home renovation or a demolition project. Either way has it’s pros and cons, just make sure you’ve thought through any decision you make for your new home carefully.

Julia Barber

Editorial Intern

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