How a Dirty Air Conditioner Affects Your Lung Health

The spread of COVID-19 has made many people think more seriously about the quality of the air that they’re breathing. Within your home, there are few systems that make more of a difference in your safety and comfort than your HVAC. Protecting the condition of your HVAC system is a must if you want to protect the quality of the air you breathe. You may not realize it, but the negative impact on your health from having a system that is broken down or in poor condition can be severe. Keep reading to learn more about how a dirty air conditioner affects your lung health.

How can a dirty air conditioner affect your lung health?


The primary danger caused by a dirty air conditioner is the significant negative impact it can have on the air you breathe. Breathing in polluted air has been linked to many kinds of heart and lung disease. Some of the lung conditions that are associated with air pollution include emphysema, respiratory infections, and even certain types of cancer.

Indoor air that is poor quality or polluted can also worsen the symptoms of conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It can also create additional risk for pregnant people, who can experience an increased risk of birth defects when exposed to poor air quality during pregnancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates air pollution has killed tens of millions of people and believes that it is one of the world’s most significant environmental health risks. Many of the deaths were caused by indoor air pollution. Scientists estimate that over 200 million people in the United States live in areas where the amount of pollution in the air exceeds safety standards, which means that the problem of poor air quality is incredibly widespread. The impact this can have overtime on society and on our health care system will be significant.

What can you do to keep your HVAC unit in good working order?


Given how essential your HVAC system is for keeping the air clean in your home, you need to prioritize preventive maintenance. Look for a contractor like this one that specializes in HVAC & plumbing services in Ottsville, PA. Years of experience and a demonstrated track record of reliable service are invaluable. While having your system serviced in the event of a malfunction or breakdown is necessary, regular maintenance will help avoid breakdowns entirely in addition to extending the life of your system.

New homeowners may not be familiar with the type of maintenance an HVAC system needs. Your HVAC unit should be inspected by a technician at least once annually. The filter needs to be changed at least every 90 days, though some people may change theirs more frequently. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for warning signs of a dirty filter which can include discoloration, low airflow, and an increase in your energy bills.

Poor air quality has a demonstrated link to several serious lung conditions, as well as being a factor in exacerbating the symptoms of many others. Organizations like WHO continue to underscore the dangers that are posed by rampant air pollution, both indoors and outdoors. Fortunately, there are many steps homeowners can take to make sure they’re breathing clean air at home. HVAC maintenance plays a meaningful role in air filtration, so you’ll need to be proactive about taking care of yourself. Though this can involve investing some time and money into the system, there are few things more worth protecting than the quality of the air you breathe in your home, especially if you want to avoid lung disease.

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