How Massage Therapy Impacts Tinnitus

You may think that massage therapy is just for relaxation, but that’s not quite true. While seeing a massage therapist will leave you feeling less irritation and more calm, an amazing massage therapist can do much more. There’s a lot to be said about alternative medicine and the ways in which pressure points, as well as attention to connective tissue and the nervous system, can impact various medical conditions. For example, did you know that a great massage therapist may be able to help to relieve symptoms of tinnitus?

Of course, a therapeutic massage can’t take away the buzzing, humming, or ringing that comes with tinnitus completely. Nevertheless, the side effects of tinnitus are many and varied, but these can be attended to through massage therapy. Nausea, dizziness, headaches, even migraines, can all be aided by remedial massage therapy. To learn what a massage can do for your tinnitus migraines or nausea, keep reading.

Massage therapists can relieve inflammation and lower blood pressure.


A therapeutic massage is a specific type of massage that will relieve the discomfort by focusing strokes on pressure points, similar to the way in which acupuncture encourages energy flow. While this won’t cure tinnitus on its own (you should still be seeing a medical practitioner for this medical condition), the reduced inflammation may have you seeing a reduction in tinnitus symptoms like headaches. Plus, you may be able to learn some breathing techniques that help you to ignore the incessant noise for a time.

Therapists will recommend tinnitus supplements and other medical options.


Therapists who are trained in deep tissue or remedial massage have learned about the central nervous system and understand what types of tinnitus supplements can help your overall wellness. These massage therapists will conduct a consultation with you and may offer you some things to take to help.

One great natural solution that’s often recommended is Tinnitus911, a supplement that boasts all-natural ingredients like olive leaf extract, hawthorn berry, hibiscus, and niacin to promote relaxation and blood flow to the ears. This helps reduce the ringing and other tinnitus symptoms, and it’s the kind of natural solution that a massage therapist would know to recommend to any client who comes in suffering from tinnitus.

Increased blood flow will relieve tense areas.


While hibiscus and niacin will increase the blood flow to tense areas, like your ears, that need to relax a Swedish massage or remedial massage will do so as well. Of course, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you should be sure to mention that to your therapist before beginning the session. You should discuss this option, as well as any dietary supplement options, with a doctor before beginning treatment. Nevertheless, tinnitus sufferers may enjoy an improved quality of life and a whole lot less soreness and headaches if they opt for regular massage therapy appointments.

If you have tinnitus, you already know it’s more than a minor annoyance that gets in your way. In fact, tinnitus impacts your quality of life in a variety of settings and the stress of living with tinnitus can lead to a decline in your overall health and wellness. That’s why it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of a tinnitus supplement and the addition of remedial massage to your wellness routine.

Don’t let the decision put too much pressure on you. You can always try out these options and see if the sensations make you feel better, or if the hissing and ringing are just as bad as they were. Tinnitus can’t be cured, but it is a chronic condition that can be managed. It’s worth finding out if your tinnitus can be relieved with massage and some simple all-natural ingredients.

Dixie Frazier

Content Director

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