How to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is full of many different beautiful, creative, and unique eateries. For people who are passionate about food and creating a sense of community around eating, the restaurant business is perfect for you. As you work to grow your restaurant, you are constantly looking for ways to reach potential customers, in addition to keeping loyal customers coming back to your place. You want to become a staple of the community that offers excellent customer experiences and is in a position to make a difference in the lives of the people around you––and that all starts by attracting new customers to your restaurant.

Reaching your target audience is the hardest part of any business venture. Especially in the restaurant field, when there are so many options to choose from, you need to find an effective way to make your small business stand out. What sets your restaurant apart? How can you use your influence to get potential clients in the door? In what ways can you improve your functions so that you have more satisfied customers who will then refer others to your restaurant? Answers to these questions and more are the perfect ways to draw new customers into your restaurant and find success with your small business.

Start by creating a great and beautiful restaurant.

You can’t grow a customer base without first creating a great product. So many restauranteurs focus on great customer service right away that they skip over creating a great eatery first. There’s a lot that goes into building a restaurant. You need great kitchen space, a beautiful dining room, and a good location within your community. Furnishing your restaurant with great items goes a long way and is one of the best practices to draw people in. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Purchasing used restaurant equipment can be a great way to start building your space. From refrigerators to prep tables to freezers and other commercial kitchen equipment, you can find great deals to build a space where your chefs can create the wonderful menu you will serve. Once the kitchen and menu are established, you can focus on creating a great atmosphere in your dining and waiting areas. When people go out to eat, they’re looking for a true customer experience. In the hospitality industry, you have to focus on creating that first, so you can gain plenty of happy customers quickly.

Establish a social media presence.

In the current age, everything is promoted digitally. To get people in the door, you need to create a great social media presence. Start advertising online and watch your business grow. Even a positive review or word of mouth can go a long way for brand awareness and encourage repeat customers. Maybe you can even offer a customer loyalty program or offer giveaways on your social media platforms as one of your sales strategies. Anything that helps promote customer interactions and gets people talking about your restaurant is effective strategies for winning new clients.

Hire a great team of staff members.

Restaurants are all about experience and strong relationships. In the hospitality business, your staff members are the most important people who create that great experience for your customers. The benefits of good customer service in the hospitality industry include customer satisfaction and customer retention. Take the time to hire and foster a great team that you can rely on to create that perfect experience for guests.

Give back to your community.

People love to support a new business that is giving back to the community. Get that competitive advantage by finding ways to be involved with the people around you. Cater at the local school event, sponsor a sports team, partner with a local theatre to create a “dinner and a show” package. Find ways to get involved with the people around you and they’ll return the favor with their custom.

Dixie Frazier

Content Director

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