Spine Injury From Car Accident: What You Need To Know

Being seriously injured in a car accident can be extremely stressful. It can be even more stressful when the accident involves a spinal injury, high medical bills, and a loss of income or change of career and mobility. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a car crash and you aren’t sure about how to approach the future, read on for a few ways you can bring back hope and plan your next steps.

Seeking Medical Attention


The first thing to do if you’re an accident victim is to get the medical care you need. Regardless of how you plan to pursue a personal injury claim and punitive damages in the future, it’s in your best interest to put your health first after you’ve been hurt in a motor vehicle accident. Start with finding a health care team with years of experience who can help you to begin your recovery. For example, if you were hurt in New Jersey, you’d want to try a Google search like “spine surgeon, NJ” to find a specialist to help out. Regardless of medical expenses and being worried about medical bills, getting the best help you can find after a physical injury is imperative to long-term recovery. The bills, property damage, and fair compensation can be worked out later.

Getting Legal Help


After you’ve found a great health care team to help you through your car accident injuries and recovery, it’s important to find a great car accident attorney who can work to get you the money you deserve. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you through the entire legal process of an accident case. Most personal injury lawyers will meet with you for free to access your chances of winning a claim after your car wreck.

When meeting with an attorney, be sure to bring with you evidence of injuries whether they are minor or more serious, but especially of the spinal injury, you’ve been afflicted with to no fault of your own. This will help in establishing the number of damages you’ve suffered down the road.

Support Systems and the Future


Try not to underestimate the importance of a good personal support system to get you through recovery. Leave medical decisions up to your doctor and team, leaving legal choices up to your injury claim attorney, and do what you can to focus on recovery. Start with reaching out to friends and family who will be there to listen, cheer you on in recovery, and help with any needs you may have during recovery.

If you don’t have a close support team, there are online support groups you can join for others suffering from spinal injuries after car accidents. Knowing you aren’t alone can help a lot as you learn to accept any new limitations you may have. These groups can also be a great way to find out about resources that could improve your quality of life and overall future. If you’d rather attend in person, ask your doctor about groups in your area for people who’ve been injured or are recovering from serious injuries.

At the end of the day, whether you take a settlement offer, receive economic damages, are still struggling with a traumatic brain injury, or have permanent whiplash from your car wreck, the best way to move forward is to surround yourself with people who want to help. From your legal representation to your health care team and personal support system, you’ll get through your motor vehicle crash recovery easier if you reach out for help. Best wishes to you as you heal from your traffic accident. Remember to be patient with yourself as you access the medical care you deserve.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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