The Value of a Self-Storage Unit for New Homeowners

Finding your dream home is the reward for what can sometimes be a lengthy search. However, we sometimes find ourselves packing up just about everything from our old place without really taking stock of what we need. It may be worthwhile to consider getting a self-storage unit just in case of some overflow. Here are just some of the ways they come in handy.

Storage for the Move


Short-term storage can be a great solution if you’re moving out of your old place, but the new one isn’t quite ready for you yet. Putting stuff into storage in advance can increase the overall cost of moving, but it will cost less than suddenly having to spring for moving and storage expenses.

This is a good solution for a residential move that is perhaps for the next town over or close enough that you can have peace of mind in knowing that it’s accessible to you. It could also be a good idea to save on a moving company by having family and friends help gradually place things in your storage unit from your old place and then letting movers handle the big show.

Packing Preparedness


Getting organized is the greatest stress of the moving process. If you wait too long, you find yourself packing belongings that you really have no need for. This is the best opportunity to take inventory of everything you have in your current home. A storage unit could be an asset for clearing out certain larger items, like furniture, to set aside for the upcoming move. In fact, some homeowners’ insurance plans actually provide coverage for storage options.

This can help you reduce the number of containers and boxes you’re packing up in total, and also assess what can be given to charity or potentially sold for some downsizing. Packers and movers will have an easier time in distinguishing what needs to go where, and it could still serve as a possibility for long-term storage options beyond your move-in date.

Cleaning the Old Home and the New Home


If you need to scrub down your old house before new homeowners settle in, a storage unit could be a great solution to move your items out temporarily. This will also give you time to make any necessary upgrades to the house. If you’re looking for Grand Rapids house windows, you could consider newer Andersen windows, along with new screens for your entry door. There are even Energy Star options to boost the home’s energy efficiency, a welcome touch if the new owners are trying to go green.

Certified window installers can have these new panes and frames installed in your time frame. They may also offer full-service options that include window cleaning, and in some cases, the addition of vinyl siding. These new windows can help any sunroom or living room pop even more with greater natural lighting.

Long-Term Solutions


If you’re moving into your new residence, you may not have a full feel for the space just yet and could rely on a storage unit for temporary housing for your belongings. That’s until you realize what you want to be moved into your new home. This can be especially useful for long-distance moves that require a professional moving company that is only allotted a certain period of time to help with your process.

Your storage needs will be accounted for, and you can weigh the specifications of your new house and consider what can remain in a storage container and what needs to be in your new place on day one. The moving process can be a stressful one, but so long as you plan and do your research, you’ll be a satisfied customer and a happy new homeowner.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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