5 Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or just entered a new one, you can always find creative ways to spice up your sex life. There can also be added pressure thanks to holidays such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. No worries, because we have you covered with just five simple tricks of the trade to bring anyone to the brink of pleasure.


1. Sexting

When in doubt, send a steamy message to your favorite partner. If it is your first time sending a naughty message, start slow. You can always send a compliment to that special person and eventually build up to a nude to really turn them on. The wordy foreplay can really give your man a harder erection for when the time comes to meet in the bedroom.

2. Quickies Don’t Have to Be Quick

Some of the best intercourse can come from the magic of knocking a quick session out. The idea of having to wait a long time or the entire day until your next meeting leaves your partner wanting so much more. You want to try and keep the element of surprise on your side and refrain from trying to start during their favorite TV show since they are bound to be distracted. Try grabbing your partner as they walk through the door. This will pleasantly surprise them.


3. Role Play

If you have ever thought of a fantasy that included a threesome but have not had the inspiration to try it just yet, think about purchasing a sex doll. Many dolls feel and have all the parts of a real woman or man. There are premium sex dolls that are made of silicone and can have any skin tone, big breasts, certain hair color, and a point of entry for anal. A sex toy of this nature is a high-quality purchase. California Dolls is a great company that offers free shipping and interest fee payments. Their sex dolls are high quality whether you are a newbie or already own one and want to add to the collection.

4. Enhancement

The idea of buying a male enhancement supplement for the purpose of sexual performance can be a bit intimidating. The best male enhancement pills will help with arousal. It is important to note that one pill does not fit all—some supplements may work for you better than others. There are also multiple benefits to taking a pill, ranging from enlargement to remaining erect for a longer period of time. To find the best male enhancement pills all you need to do is a little research to find your perfect match.

5. Treat Her Like A Queen

Almost every guy who has ever watched porn has the dream of making women squirt. According to Caitlin V Neal, a professional sex coach who has helped men perform better in the sack for years, it is possible for every woman to have a squirting orgasm. As an expert in her field, Caitlin believes that female ejaculation is not just an act you see for adult films. The fluid comes from the female prostate and it is not pee. A woman must be fully relaxed and in the proper mood for squirting to happen. If your partner does not trust you there is no chance of her or her clitoris enjoying the experience. Always use a lubricant and don’t forget to keep her feeling confident in herself— a compliment never hurts anyone!

Taking your sex life to the next level is not as difficult as you might think. Simply taking the time to figure out what you and your partner need—whether that includes new supplements or toys—can make a world of difference.

Layla King


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