Reasons to Be Excited About Aging

Due to medical advances aiding to more and more people living in excellent health their whole life and well into their elder years, in a relatively short length of time, seniors will outnumber us all.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the middle-aged population already outnumbers children. But by 2034, seniors (those 65+) will also outnumber children. They estimate that by 2034 there will be roughly 77 million people 65 and over and 76.5 million people 18 and under.

The truth of the matter is that getting older can be frustrating. After a certain length of time, your body develops more health issues, and you’re more likely to experience various types of illnesses. However, that doesn’t mean we should live our whole life in fear of aging. Especially when there are so many reasons to be excited about it! Here are four things to look forward to about aging:

1. You can modify your life insurance policy.

While life insurance rates tend to go up the older you get, your needs for a life insurance policy will change as you enter your senior years. For example, younger adults often get a term life insurance plan because they have children and want them to be covered if something happens. This way, their beneficiary will receive a higher coverage amount to take care of their children. Seniors, on the other hand, no longer have children living at home to look out for, or as much debt (usually). Generally, their grown children are their beneficiaries who will only need the coverage amount from the life insurance coverage to handle funeral costs.

As we age, it’s a good idea to get a life insurance quote and find the best rate for life insurance for your individual needs from the best life insurance companies. Depending on your medical history (and the medical history of your partner)—whether or not you’re a tobacco user, your medical exam results, and how much coverage you need—you can find the best deal for a life insurance policy. To find the best price on your coverage options for the different types of life insurance plans, compare life insurance with iSelect.

Bonus tip: Consider seeking legal advice about whether you would be better off to sell your whole life insurance plan for its cash value and then purchasing a term life plan. It’s also great to seek legal advice when filling out any paperwork regarding your life insurance plan.

2. You’ll have more time and freedom (happy retirement to you!).

Not only do senior citizens tend to get all kinds of fun discounts, but according to an article published in 2011 by Live Science, studies suggest that seniors require less sleep than their younger counterparts (as much as 1.5 hours less). Now it makes sense why grandma and grandpa were always up before the sun. Not only do you need to spend less time sleeping as you age, but with the kids out of the house and finally having enough money to retire, you’re likely to experience the most freedom you ever have in your life. You can now spend a significant length of time doing the things that make you happy!

For example, consider booking inshore charter boats for a great time inshore fishing. Let’s be honest, retirement is a good time for fishing trips and with Zeke’s Marina, you can expect a great experience enjoying inshore fishing (they also provide offshore fishing services if that appeals more to you). Their top-notch service goes above and beyond by even stocking the boat for you before you arrive with things like bait, fishing rods, light tackle, food, drinks, ice, and more! For a great way to have an easy trip inshore fishing on Orange Beach, this could be the best option out of the many fishing charters for you.

3. You’re bound to have a better sex life.

With the kids out of the house and more time to spend with your significant other, it’s likely your sex life will only improve. In fact, Live Science reported that more than half of people aged 57-85 reported at least two to three sexual encounters a month (23 percent reported at least one sexual encounter a week). Depending on your health history, you could be enjoying fulfilling sex well into your old age. This could only improve your excellent health into your golden years.

4. You’ll gain wisdom and confidence.

The cliché “with age comes wisdom” is a cliché for a reason. Not only do you end up wiser as you age, but you tend to gain a deepening sense of confidence and happiness. According to the aforementioned Live Science article, researchers think older people tend to be more optimistic than younger people. The thinking is that the shorter one’s life expectancy becomes, the more they tend to focus on what makes them happy rather than what makes them upset.

Layla King


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