Dog Walking Tips for New Pet Owners

Walking your pup isn’t just about making sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise each day, it’s actually crucial for their overall well-being. Yet sometimes walking your dog can feel more like a chore than a fun, bonding activity for you and your pup. To help make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved, check out the tips below.

Use a harness


A common problem for most dog walkers is fido pulling on the leash. If this is an issue for you as a dog owner, then use a front-clip harness instead of using a harness that clips on the back, which actually encourages more pulling. Most pet stores don’t usually sell front-clip harnesses, but you can purchase these online from Joyride Harness, which offers the best dog harness options on the market today. When buying a no-pull dog harness, make sure the harness will be a secure fit for your pooch. This means it should have adjustable straps, be made from a durable material, and fit comfortably over you dog’s neck.

Consider the time of day


While some people enjoy going for an evening stroll after work or dinner, night walks might not be the best option for your dog if he likes to chase after wildlife. Avoid going for walks around dawn or dusk when critters (like snakes, scorpions, and coyotes) are more likely to be out and about.

Ask before approaching another dog


While seeing two dogs meet and interact can be cute, be careful! Not all dogs are friendly. You never know how someone else’s dog might react so be cautious and always ask for permission before approaching another dog.

Additionally, be wary of how your own dog approaches other people. While your pup might be excited to say hello to another human, the greeting could end poorly if your pooch jumps on the person. Training your dog with treats and reinforcing good behavior can help alleviate this issue.

Let them sniff


Walking your dog isn’t just about giving them exercise, it’s actually great for their mental stimulation as well. Taking your pup for a walk is about the only time of the day where they can actually get outside and explore the world around them. So let them! Give them time to sniff areas that are safe for your dog to engage with. Smell is the dominant sense for your dog, so letting them utilize scent during walks is incredibly beneficial for their well-being.

Bring treats


Walking your dog can be a great training opportunity so bring along a handful of treats during your strolls. Having some treats handy can be a great way to keep your dog’s attention away from distractions (like squirrels) and help them practice tricks and obedience.

Use the right leash


Choosing the right leash can also make or break a walk. Avoid retractable leashes because these are often unsafe for both dogs and humans. Retractable leashes provide little control so your dog can easily wander into the street. The lock on most retractable leashes can actually break with enough pressure. A retractable leash may injure you as a dog walker when your pup reaches the end of it because the abrupt tug can cause you to fall over. And dogs who love pulling certainly won’t learn to stop with a flexible leash. Instead of using a retractable leash, there are plenty of other leash options available to you on the market. Metal or chain leashes are great for dogs who often bite on the leash. Leather leashes are the most comfortable for your hands. And nylon leashes are the most durable against bad weather.

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