How to Expand Your Company’s Reach

It’s no secret that many entrepreneurs dream of launching enterprises that become profitable in no time, in order to reap the fruits of their labors. Customers play a critical role in this expected growth since they’re the lifeblood of your business, so it’s prudent to develop effective strategies that broaden your company’s reach.

These strategies should generally be geared towards increasing the number of customers you have since more clients and repeat business facilitates company growth. Below are some practical tips you should know to expand your business’ reach both offline and online.

Simplify things for your customers


Presenting the simplest version of your offerings to clients is an effective way worth considering to broaden your reach. Therefore, opt for brief value propositions that clarify your business’ offerings and how they can benefit clients. This way, you can appeal to a broader base of prospects, who will quickly understand your brand and spread the word about your offerings. As your business grows, it’s essential to collect customer feedback through surveys to understand consumer behavior and know how best to provide your clients increased value. Effective survey solutions such as Alchemer can help with this need.

Alchemer’s platform equips businesses to build strong VOC programs that influence decision-making across all aspects of their organizations. This way, you can create a genuinely customer-centric enterprise that’s responsive to customer expectations and needs. Their Voice-of-the-Customer programs allow you to use customer voice surveys to ask the right questions and obtain various types of feedback from clients at different stages of the customer journey.

With this customer data, you can receive key CRM insights that can help you modify your operations to improve customer loyalty and retention. Also, the VOC strategy eliminates unstructured feedback since clients can have a direct avenue to channel all negative feedback to you instead of using social media and review sites. As such, you can streamline the customer experience for your patrons and improve customer satisfaction in the long term.

Optimize your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can significantly improve various website aspects, making your web pages search engine favorites. Consequently, these pages will enjoy higher search results rankings anytime industry-relevant terms are searched for. Higher website rankings imply greater visibility, more brand awareness, increased traffic, and expanded reach. Luckily, you can hire several experienced digital marketing experts to help you craft a winning SEO strategy that’s both effective and ethical.

Host and attend events

The digital element might dominate much of business nowadays, but the good, old human touch remains relevant when expanding your brand reach. Hosting events is an excellent idea because it allows you to put your company out there. You can consider the values and interests of your prospects and host events that align with their personas. Workshops, demos, classes, and charity events are some popular events you can host since they appeal to various audiences across industries.

Similarly, frequently attending events can help your business become more popular and acquire several new clients. Attending other events gives you several opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs and new prospects who can help take your company to new heights. Consequently, always make a few business cards and brochures handy, so you can quickly offer them to people you interact with at these events. Fellow business owners you interact with during these events can be future business partners whose knowledge and connections can work wonders for your enterprise’s reach. Also, you can find a lot of customers at such events since a few business card recipients will undoubtedly remember your company and its offerings when necessary.

Broadening your business’ reach is a goal every company should work towards to enjoy growth and profitability. The above-listed points are some practical tips to expand your enterprise’s reach both virtually and in person.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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