How to Pick Sensible, Useful Gift Ideas

Finding a gift that lets a special person in your life know how much you care but is also useful can be a bit of a challenge. While there’s nothing wrong with a simple gift card, it takes a thoughtful and sensible person to come up with a gift that is useful, creative, and brightens someone’s day.

Considering that roughly 78 percent of people living in the United States report that the coronavirus is a “significant source of stress” in their lives, everyone could use a reminder that good things do still happen—like getting presents. So, check out some useful and sensible gift ideas.

Cleaning Supplies


Normally, gifting someone housekeeping supplies would be in poor taste. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, this could be the practical gift that gives your loved one peace of mind and a feeling that you really care about their health (especially if you do it right). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the best way to clean surfaces to slow the spread of COVID-19 is with disinfectants that are on the “List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus.”

The EPA also requires that hotel rooms be cleaned following the specific instructions on disinfection products and that hotel staff use the best disinfection products for hotels. You can either make a gift basket with EPA-approved cleaners such as sprays and wipes, towels, personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and face masks, and other cute housekeeping items. Or, an even better option, you can hire someone to do a chemical vapor deposition in their home’s common areas, guest room, or at their business to kill COVID-19 as well as other viruses.

Currently, there are no natural counterparts for harsh ingredients such as bleach that kill COVID-19. While you can keep these chemicals out of reach of children and maintain cleanliness in other ways, harsh chemicals, and this specific fogging system are the only way to kill COVID-19 germs under the current cleaning protocol. By using a hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide solution, this way of cleaning is eco-friendly, safe from contaminants, and cleans the whole room while simultaneously preventing further contamination.

Synthetic Diamond Jewelry

Considering the instability of the economy, it could be smart to consider resale value when getting a gift. When purchasing diamond jewelry (or synthetic diamond jewelry), consider getting high-quality precious metals, as the better resale value comes from the precious metals rather than the natural diamonds and gems.

At Agape Diamonds you’ll find synthetic diamonds, natural diamonds obtained through ethical sourcing, and their trademark Agape diamond simulants that have the same crystal structure and brilliance as natural diamonds. Whether you’re looking for earrings, an updated engagement ring, or a stylish necklace, you’re sure to find jewelry with great clarity that will make your special someone sparkle with these man-made diamonds. Unlike cubic zirconia (CZ), synthetic diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds and won’t lose their brilliance over time.

Not only are diamond simulants essentially the same as a real diamond (to the naked eye they are identical), but they’re a more affordable option that gets rid of the ethical dilemmas associated with the diamond market. Choose from different colored gemstones, multiple different cuts, styles, and carat sizes. No matter what you decide, you will get a durable and elegant synthetic diamond that your special someone will adore here.

CBD Infused Skincare

Unless you’ve been living off the grid for the last decade, you’re likely aware of the popularity of CBD products for treating issues such as anxiety and pain. But did you know that they’re also finding the benefits of CBD in serums meant to reduce the appearance of wrinkles? Not only will the CBD booster serum from SeraLabs help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s also completely vegan. Made of only natural ingredients, such as antioxidants, vitamin E, B, A, and C, rose extract, Crystalline Cannabidiol, and the like, this product is great for all ages (18+) and skin types.

With this CBD-infused serum, the skin maintains the perfect balance of moisture and, since this product contains less than 0.3 percent THC, there aren’t any feelings of being “high.” Not only can CBD-infused skincare potentially fight off the signs of aging but, although research is limited, multiple dermatologists are optimistic about cannabidiol (CBD) being a successful treatment for acne and other skin blemish issues due to its known reduction of inflammation in the body.

SeraLabs also sells other skincare products as well as other CBD and hemp products that are taken orally, such as CBD oils with full-spectrum CBD, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules. Products that are ingested are meant to promote overall wellness, fight inflammation, and aid with issues with pain and insomnia.

Disclaimer: although the CBD serum is all-natural, it is meant for external use only. Contact poison control immediately if ingested. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you ask your doctor before using this product. No one should apply this serum to a skin irritation of any kind.

Makeover Basket

Considering the lack of hygiene services over the course of the pandemic such as access to nail salons, waxing parlors, teeth whitening services, and similar, this could be a welcomed gift for many. This issue mixed with the high pressure of the pandemic and the fact that roughly one in four people living in the U.S. worry about becoming ill or infecting someone else with COVID-19 can mean that a relaxing makeover at home could be just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Consider making your own “luxury gift basket” with a footbath, some foot brushes, some lavender essential oil, a candle in their favorite fragrance, a nail polish in their favorite shade, lotions, teeth whitening strips, face masks, wax strips, and more.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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