5 Ways to Design Your Hamptons Style Bathroom

Hampton’s style bathrooms are chic, sophisticated, and modern. Inspired from the grand beachside mansions on Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style features the perfect balance of relaxed living with neutral, classic hues. If you’re craving a relaxing, inviting space, here’s how to design your dream Hamptons style bathroom.

Choose a classic color scheme

Although the iconic Hamptons style color scheme is typically centered around white, feel free to choose a color scheme that works for you. White brings a light and airy feeling to your bathroom, while traditional beige can make your space feel more classic. Grey is also a common hue found in Hampton’s style bathrooms. White, grey and a pop of black can make your bathroom feel fresh, even if you’re working with limited space.

Focus on the details

High ceilings, broad dimensions, and a bold color scheme evoke a sense of sophistication and class in Hamptons style bathrooms. Opt for small tiles, especially in larger spaces, to create a sense of grandeur. Marble is common in Hampton’s style bathrooms, while shapes like penny rounds, fish scales, and hexagons are visually appealing. 

Focusing on the details can further amp up the spa-like feel in your Hamptons style bathroom. Try incorporating luxurious textures, like sheer linen curtains and neutral-toned towels. Matte black tapware can bring a modern touch to your space, while shaker cabinetry can provide a subtle nod to tradition.

Bring some light in

Hampton’s style bathrooms feature a perfect balance between light and dark tones. To design your own Hamptons style bathroom, think about how to use your space to layer your lighting. A large window can help you light up your space, and plantation shutters can make your bathroom feel both beachy and sophisticated. Consider keeping the plantation shutters white to keep the space feeling crisp and clean.

If you don’t have a big window to work with, try incorporating a combination of light and dark tones throughout the room. Additionally, directional lighting (think chandeliers and overhead lights) can help you capture your ideal balance between light and dark.

Decorate with wall art

No Hamptons style bathroom is complete without beach-themed wall art. To save money on Hampton’s style artwork, print your favorite vacation photos off your iPhone. Ibi, a personal iPhone photo storage device, makes it easy to collect, store, and share photos from social media platforms and cloud accounts. 

Just plug ibi in, download the app, and print high-quality wall art for your bathroom. Opt for prints that mimic the color palette of your room, and don’t use any pictures that are too busy for the serene space you’ve designed.

To add an elegant touch to the room, hang up a big, beautiful mirror. A round mirror with a classic frame doubles as a functional and artistic piece.

Don’t forget about the shower

If you don’t have a classic standalone tub, enhance your Hamptons style bathroom with a semi-frameless shower screen by Stegbar. The Stegbar Grange series of semi frameless shower screens can add a modern touch to your bathroom with slim perimeters and frameless sliding doors. With the beauty and design elegance of Stegbar shower screens, you’ll be able to make your dream Hamptons style bathroom come to life.

Hampton style bathrooms are both modern and luxurious and casual and comfortable. Along with looking elegant, they’re practical, with a big shower, a wide array of storage options, and plenty of lighting. Whether you’re native to Long Island or across the ocean, following these tips can help you create the Hampton style bathroom of your dreams.

Sadie Allen


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