How To Pick the Best Harness for Your Dog

As a dog owner, buying the right items for your beloved pet is essential to their overall comfort when you take them on their daily walk. Using a harness in lieu of a collar is easy on your dog because it allows you to control and guide them without potentially harming their neck and throat in the process.

Whether you have a small dog like a pug or a large dog like a golden retriever, the use of a harness makes walking, hiking, and running more enjoyable. To find the best dog harness for your canine companion, be sure to consider these crucial ideas before making your final selection.

Benefits of Using a Harness


If you haven’t used a dog harness before, you may not be aware of the benefits this piece of fabric provides. With a secure fit and breathable material, a harness allows you to securely walk your pet without sacrificing their comfort in the process. Using a standard collar for identification purposes is a smart idea, but when you’re actively walking or running with your pup, a harness provides you with more control and it protects your dog’s neck.

If you’ve ever been walking your dog and had to tug on their leash to get them to stop chasing a squirrel, you’ll understand how your dog’s neck may become irritated with repeated tugging. The last thing you want is to inadvertently hurt your pup, so a no-pull dog harness is a much easier solution, especially if your dog has an abundance of energy.

A harness lets you safely guide your dog throughout your walk and gives you the ability to steer them away from any unwanted interruptions with minimal effort. This is particularly beneficial if you usually have a hard time getting your big dog to follow you home from the park since all you’ll need to do is gently lead them with the harness clip to wherever you want them to go.

Measure Your Dog Properly


Before you go out and buy a new harness for your dog, take time to measure your furry friend to ensure you’re buying the right size harness in the best material. To do so, you’ll need to use a measuring tape and place this around the broadest part of your dog’s chest and write down the number you come up with before proceeding to the next step. After you’ve measured your dog’s chest, use the measuring tape to get an idea of how large your dog’s neck is and write down this number as well. Now, you can start looking for a dog harness that will take your night walks to the next level.

If you want the best of the best, Joyride Harness is a top-tier dog harness for any type of pup. Whether you have a little dog or a Great Dane, Joyride Harness has something for everyone. With a variety of colors, sizes, and fits available, you can match the measurements of your dog to the options provided to find the right fit for your pooch. Before you checkout, make sure you look through the Joyride Harness description to see if there’s a side ring, front ring, or back ring for the harness itself. This ensures you know where to hook the leash once your harness arrives in the mail.

Fitting Your Dog Harness


Once you’ve gotten your Joyride Harness, it’s time to make sure it fits! Slide the harness over your dog’s head and use the adjustable straps to fit the harness snuggly against your dog’s body. You want to make sure your pup has the ability to breathe and move comfortably, so make sure you aren’t pulling the straps too tightly. If your dog resists walking, or you notice the fabric slipping, then the harness doesn’t fit properly and needs to be adjusted further.

All this means is you need to play with the straps more, or it means that the harness fits improperly for the size and breed of your dog and needs to be returned. If you can’t seem to make your pooch comfortable with further adjustments, consider switching the size or fabric of the harness and repeat the process from there.

Dixie Frazier

Content Director

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