3 Ways Tech Is Changing How We Do Business

Everything is changing in the 21st-century world as technology becomes more and more prevalent. This includes how we do business. Tech can be a huge asset for your business if you know what to do with it. Here are three ways tech is changing the way we do business and how you can use it to your advantage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is becoming a huge part of how we do business. Bots and call center AI have enormous benefits for customers. Previously, people had to contact a call center by phone and wait for an agent to get on the line. Now, customers can interact with a bot or AI to have their problems solved. Through a phone call, text message, or chat, AI can address issues quickly and efficiently. This makes for better customer interactions and increased agent productivity since they can focus on more complex issues.

If at any point the customer wishes to speak with an agent or the bot senses that an agent would be more helpful, the conversation is seamlessly transitioned to an available representative. With AI, callers can quickly resolve problems themselves and feel satisfied with the outcome. Waiting for a person is a thing of the past. AI is the perfect way to assist customers without relying on agents.   


Have you ever wanted a better way to monitor aspects of your business? A geofence is a virtual border around a geographic area. When you have a geofence set up, you can receive alerts and live-reporting. This is a great service for companies that want to keep track of their assets. With a geofence, you can monitor which assets are coming and going from the geofences you’ve created. This provides you with important information on your company’s movements as well as an easy way to track employees’ time. You can even locate a stolen vehicle with geofencing.  

Geofencing is also great for marketing. If you own a store, you can target customers right when they enter. You can even market to potential clients while they’re visiting competitors’ stores. Geofencing helps you pinpoint the right potential customers at the right time, making it an excellent and effective form of marketing. The flexibility of a geofence allows you to craft the perfect marketing strategy.  

Social Media Marketing

Social media became popular in the 20th century, and since then marketing has never been the same. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new and current customers. Social media is free, so you’re not spending a chunk of your profits, and since there are billions of users, you’ve got a huge potential audience. On social media platforms, you can interact with consumers and create unique content that catches their eyes. Your business’s accounts can make a huge impact. After all, 75 percent of American buyers make a purchase thanks to something they saw in a social media post.   

If you’re a social media newbie, don’t just skip it. Hire someone to run your business’ accounts. Customers are scrolling on their social media every day, so it’s important that your company pops up on their feed often. Consumers might even message your social media account with a question before attempting to call. The ability to have instant contact with companies through social media has certainly changed the way we do business, and as long you’re keeping your company up to date, you’ll benefit from the new structure. 

As technology changes, so do our business strategies. Make sure your company is staying current on new advances. This will prevent you from losing potential customers and will help your company thrive. New technology can make companies more successful than ever.

Sadie Allen


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