Sex, Love, and Video Chatting: Here’s How to Spice Up Your Love Life


Dating is hard. Depending on your regular daily schedule, you may have a challenging time meeting women. Once you meet someone, navigating the often awkward process of getting to know someone you are also physically attracted to can feel complicated. When should you kiss? When is physical contact appropriate? At what point do you broach the topic of sex?

Another element of dating that can make it difficult is what your intentions are going into it. If you are looking for a lifelong partner, you want to get to know her better before letting it get too serious. However, if you’re looking for more of a short-term, physical relationship, you may feel awkward saying that from the start.

Some dating sites make it clear the people on the website are looking for more physical encounters, as opposed to serious relationships. While this is a step closer because it lets others know that is what you are looking for, it is still tricky. You still have to find people you match with, communicate a bit, choose a time and date to go out. Then you go out, not knowing if there will be any spark or interest once you meet in person.

Another layer of the difficulty is location and arrangements. Let’s say you meet a woman with similar intentions, you two go out, and there are sparks, then what? Do you go to her place? Does she go to your place? The logistics of the situation can get complicated. You might be assuming you can go to her place, which you prefer because your place is a mess or you have roommates, but then you discover she doesn’t want to go to her home because she has roommates or doesn’t like the idea of letting someone she just met know where she lives. There are so many possible scenarios that can complicate the situation.

When you are looking for a relationship, going through the hassle and possible complications of getting to know someone is worth the time and trouble because you are investing in something. You are investing in the possibility of a future. When you are looking for something very physical and short-term, you have other options that are far simpler.

Video Chat Sex offers mobile video chats with women online. It works similar to Facetime or Skype; you can choose the women you talk to and chat directly with them online. The website offers a wide variety of women from different countries that speak different languages. The intentions of these video chats are clear from the start. While you may not be able to be with them physically, they can make your mobile date exciting.

Some of the benefits of VideoChatSex is that the intentions of the chats are clear upfront. There is no guesswork involved. There is also no need to worry about interests, future dates, your place or hers, or any of the other complications that make dating in real life difficult. You can also use Video Chat Sex if you are in a relationship to release tension or play out fantasies that your girlfriend isn’t interested in without engaging in a physical relationship with someone else.

Being sexually satisfied makes you overall happier and calmer, which can significantly benefit you in your relationships. If your girlfriend is open to the idea, you can include her in your Video Chat Sex to make it even more exciting. If you two have ever discussed the possibility of adding someone else but feel uncertain, this is a safe outlet to explore those fantasies together. If one of you decides it isn’t comfortable or enjoyable, the video chat is easy to end.

Layla King


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