Top 10 Gifts For Dad This Christmas

Parents are usually some of the most important people on your holiday shopping list, and finding the right gift for your dad can be a challenge. Showing your father that you appreciate him is a big part of the season, so it should be high on your priority list to find something that’s both practical and caring.

Skip the tie and impress dad this year with unique and useful gifts that he’ll remember for years to come. If you’re not sure what to put under the tree, check out this list of ten top gift ideas for dads this Christmas.

1. An E-Reader or Tablet


As more and more of our media becomes digital, our parents are often the last to adapt. Still, if your dad is a book lover, it might be time to show him how convenient an e-reader or tablet can be, especially when it comes to him traveling with his whole library instead of hauling around heavy books.

2. Whiskey


If your dad enjoys liquor, why not treat him to some high-end whiskey to sip for the rest of the holiday season? For aficionados, trying a new, rare vintage is an exciting experience. Even for non-collectors, a nice bottle of premium liquor is a fun treat. You might even get to enjoy a sip yourself if he decides to share with the whole family.

3. Comfortable Clothes


Now that we’re all spending more time relaxing at home, a stay-at-home wardrobe update is a great holiday present. What’s better to lounge in than some cozy sweatpants and a soft men’s bamboo t-shirt? Finding practical and comfortable basics that your dad will actually be able to use is a way better bet than buying him another button-down shirt and tie. Bamboo shirts are a great pick for an active dad, due to their moisture-wicking properties, their ability to combat odors from sweat, and the easy, stretchable fit.

4. A Watch


Check out companies like FP Journe, a high-quality luxury brand watchmaker that offers products in a variety of styles, so you can find something that fits your dad. Whether it’s your first time buying a high-end wristwatch or getting a new watch for a collector, there’s something classic about a beautiful timepiece as a gift. A pocket watch can also be a unique present for anyone who enjoys a vintage style.

5. A Support Pillow


The reality is, our bodies tend to ache more as we get older, and your back is often one of the first things to start hurting. Support pillows, especially lumbar support pillows, will keep your dad more comfortable when he sits up in bed reading his new e-reader!

6. A New Mattress


What could be a better gift than a good night’s sleep? A comfortable bed with a great mattress is an unbeatable combination. Make sure you buy a mattress from a trusted brand with positive customer feedback, like a Stearns & Foster mattress. There are many different styles, including memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, or you can opt for a more traditional mattress. If you’re not sure of your father’s sleep preferences, some kind of adjustable mattress is sure to be the best bet.

7. A Fire Pit


If your father is outdoorsy and tends to get tired of messing around with soggy wood, a fire pit is a great way to create a campfire environment without the hassle. Electronic fire pits also tend to emit far less smoke than their traditional counterparts.

8. Online Classes


There are many companies, like MasterClass, that offer online courses on a variety of topics, available for a subscription fee. For dads who love learning, being able to take a lecture from Malcolm Gladwell on writing or hear guitar tips from Carlos Santana is a fantastic gift.

9. A Record Player


For older dads with a record collection, a new record player can be a great present. Record players can be fickle, and it’s easy for older models to break, and parts can often be difficult to find. A high-fidelity turntable will keep the music alive and make a nice piece of home decor too.

10. A Beer Subscription


Monthly gifts keep on giving long after the holiday season has passed. For beer lovers, a subscription to a craft beer service will provide an ongoing supply of new flavors to try whenever they’re in the mood to crack open a cold one.

When it comes to our families, the odds are they’ll appreciate any gift you give, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time making sure you find thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. Nothing feels better than seeing someone you care about look happy and excited when they open the gift you got them, especially when it’s someone as important as your dad. Don’t wait until the last minute and end up with a mediocre present, start thinking today and make your dad’s Christmas special by getting your him the perfect gift this year.

Julia Barber

Editorial Intern

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