3 Vacation Destinations With Awesome Scenery

When you need a break, going on vacation can be the perfect remedy. Spending some time away is always a relaxing and grounding experience. However, connecting with nature is much easier to accomplish in some places than in others. Beautiful scenery like sweeping ocean views or rugged mountain ranges can inspire awe and make for an unforgettable experience. So this year, put these three picturesque locations on your itinerary.

1. Acadia National Park


Whether you prefer to spend your time at a leisurely campsite in balmy, 70-degree weather or go dog sledding when the snowfall is thick, this United States national park delivers. Although Acadia is one of the smallest national parks in the nation, the beautiful coast of Mount Desert Island and serene hikes at Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop beckon thousands of visitors to Acadia per year. Explore everything this destination has to offer with a trolley tour that winds through the bewitching Sieur de Monts Spring or the reverberant falls at Thunder Hole.

Try a boat tour with the Downeast Windjammer Cruise line if you prefer to view Acadia National Park from the sea. The swimmable waters of Sand Beach will capture your heart and revitalize your spirit as you take in the fresh air and panoramic views from the water. Check out Acadia’s web page on Seeker.io to find out the best way to make arrangements for your campsite, kayak trip, or a tour of Bar Harbor. However, if your primary goal is to enjoy the views, simply hiking the surrounding trails can make for a memorable trip.

2. Los Cabos


There is no better destination to experience true extravagance than a luxury villa rental in Los Cabos. You can chase tropical fish with a scuba diving excursion or sit back and sip margaritas on the pristine beaches of San Jose Del Cabo. Cabo villa rentals allow you to customize your experience with a full kitchen and chef, private pool, or balcony view of the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. In Los Cabos, you can enjoy incredible nightlife and sea caves devoid of crowds all in the same vacation.

The amenities are so vast you’ll never need to leave the luxury resort, making the villa rentals in Los Cabos the perfect getaway for those in need of some profound rest. Cabo Platinum’s villa rentals all come complete with a 24-hour concierge service. Ask your complimentary concierge to help you schedule your horseback rides or visits to the professional golf courses to craft your perfected, personalized vacation.

3. Salt Lake, Utah


Northern Utah is famous for its ethereal mountain ranges and sprawling lakes with white sand beaches. Adventurous visitors can enjoy shoreline hikes and top-of-the-line mountain biking. Visiting in the winter or early spring will allow you to take advantage of the nearby Olympic-style ski slopes. Then, heading downtown, you can expect to have your breath taken away at the historical religious icon Temple Square.

Temple Square is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, making it the perfect launching spot for any downtown exploration you pursue. In addition, Utah’s vast mountain ranges make it easy for you to see a great view from virtually any location. So come for the rich cultural heritage and stay for the cross-country ski and water sports.

No matter what type of vacation suits you best, the abundance of habitats mentioned above are guaranteed to please. Each of these areas is famous for its visitor amenities, so you’ll be able to enjoy all the comforts of home while simultaneously feeling miles away. This list was designed with every type of traveler in mind, meaning large families and honeymooning couples alike will have plenty of options for entertainment and sightseeing.

Bree Gates

Marketing Director

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