4 Tips for Giving Your Spouse an Orgasm She’ll Never Forget

Pleasuring a woman involves more than much wanted and well deserved moans of ecstasy. Keeping the multifaceted female mind and body engaged to feel the ultimate orgasm doesn’t have to be a challenge. About half of women have difficulties reaching climax while men achieve it almost 100 percent of the time. However, men can find themselves faced with sexual health issues that can put a damper on the fun you’re experiencing in the bedroom. Sex with your spouse may be fantastic in many ways, but it might be frustrating when certain issues stand in your way. Together you have to find the sexual niche that works to achieve self-confidence and mind-blowing sexual experiences. Looking for it may mean lots of exhausting but fun-filled nights ahead. Here are 5 tips for giving your spouse an orgasm she’ll never forget.

1. Visit Your Doctor


There are a few common health-related reasons that can cause men to suffer from sexual troubles. Looking into this means diving into a family history of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other related medical conditions. For example, erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, can happen without any concerns. However, underlining diseases or conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes are major health problems to look into.

Besides physical issues, there are also mental factors to consider. Sleep troubles from stress, anxiety, or depression can stop you and your partner from enjoying each other in the bedroom as well. Besides sitting down with your usual doctors, it may be time to expand your medical team. Sex expert and coach Caitlin V Neal specializes in men’s sexual health and has compiled an abundance of advice on her website caitlinvneal.com. You’ll find answers to any questions or concerns you may have on her easy to navigate site. Taking care of yourself is important for your health and also shows that you’re invested in the longevity of your relationship. Self-care is sexy and a good habit to indulge in alone and together.

2. Natural Products for Your Health


There are dozens of prescription drugs to treat your blood pressure or heart conditions but may also come with their own list of serious adverse health effects. Traditional medications can be paired with all-natural supplements to encourage your erection. Getting a full exam complete with blood work to figure out what’s going on is vital for your complete well being to get everything working well.

In addition, new technologies have come out to help increase the blood flow and hardness of the penis. Sonic wave technology is a non-invasive treatment to help those who have Peyronie’s disease, loss of libido, and premature ejaculations.Another example is Extenze, a product that gives men longer and harder erections by naturally raising low testosterone. Women can also benefit from natural supplements and diet to give their libido a boost. Mushrooms used in Chinese medicine have been used for hundreds of years to treat sexual dysfunctions, including difficulty to climax. There are many foods said to be natural aphrodisiacs. Next time it’s your turn to make your wife dinner, find a few new ingredients.

3. The Mind-Body Connection


Lip-biting sex is and can be exactly what you and your spouse want and needs from time to time. But sometimes the way to a mind-blowing boot-knocking experience is by speaking your minds. Try to be straightforward and ask what she wants or if there’s a fantasy she wants to act out. Making it known you’re interested in pleasuring her can also be exciting and displays consideration. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your ED concerns, this allows you both to focus on her and exploration of her body. Close your eyes and feel your way throughout each other’s psyche and skin. Take time to smell her shampoo, let your fingers graze her ears or jawline. Calming down after a stressful day together can lead to a gradual climate through breathing deeply together. It may help lengthen your intimate time and might create more intense sexual experiences. It’s also important to get to know the female anatomy. There are many areas in the vagina, clitoris, and cervix that can be explored to achieve ultimate pleasure.

4. Toys and New Ways to Orgasm


Mutual masturbation with a variety of toys gives you both a chance to discover what the other wants from your own personal experience. Create a sexual tool kit filled with toys like vibrators of different sizes and shapes, cock rings, soft scarves, or feathers. Introduce new “characters” while role-playing and acting out sexual fantasies. With permission, tie your wife up and cover her eyes and leave her guessing what you’re going to do next to her. Watch your favorite erotic movie and record yourselves becoming the porn stars you love. You may even find your spouse having a mental orgasm. There is more than one way to give your lady that pillow grabbing orgasm than vaginal penetration; the body has many erogenous areas that can be stimulated. Nipple orgasms or other forms of climaxing through touch can be equally amazing and give you both another layer to your sex life.

Layla King


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