5 Places Where It’s Cheap to Live If You Want to Start Over in 2020

If you’re desperate to move and start over, it’s worth it to compare a few potential new homes. Moving can be expensive, so consider these five cheap places to live. With the cost of living this low, you’ll never want to start over again.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines has a very low cost of living compared to the U.S. The median cost of a home is $140,800, and the cost of housing in this city is about 40% lower than the rest of the country. When trying to find out how much you can borrow to buy a house, you’ll be pleasantly surprised in Des Moines. With a low monthly payment, you’ll love how much house you get in this area.

With the low cost of living, you won’t have to stress about your loan amount or the life of the loan. If you’ve always wanted a home but haven’t been able to afford it, talk to a borrower in Des Moines. Plus, Iowa’s state capital offers plenty to do, including the zoo, the art center, the farmers’ market, and the botanical garden. If you want to start over, why not head somewhere cheap and exciting?


Homewood, Alabama

Homewood, Alabama, is a suburb of Birmingham, making it a great place to relocate to. In Homewood, you’ll have access to plenty of cultural activities, like the museum of art and the state park. This thriving suburb has everything you could need in your new home, including the best service you’ll want when things go wrong.

iPhone repairs in Homewood are completed by expert technicians, so you’ll never have to worry about a cracked iPhone screen. Head to uBreakiFix Homewood at 1919 28th Ave S #141 Homewood, AL 35209 or call (205) 870-8858 to speak with an expert. Replacing your cell phone every time the screen breaks is expensive. Consider a fresh start in a place that offers wonderful services that will save you tons of money.


Boise, Idaho

Idaho’s capital has an incredible amount to offer. The outdoor activities can’t be beaten and the nightlife is excellent (it is a popular vacation spot). It has a very low unemployment rate (3%) and a variety of job opportunities, which means your finances will be in good shape.

There’s not much point in paying a down payment towards a home in an area where you can’t get a job. You won’t have that problem in Boise. If you’re from either of America’s coasts, you’ll love the mountains of Boise and the charm of the midwest.


Omaha, Nebraska

Another excellent midwestern location, Omaha, Nebraska, boasts a very low median home price of $165,667, which is very helpful when you’re still trying to pay off your student loans. With an unemployment rate of 3%, Omaha is a great place to live and work.

There is plenty to do in this city, which is a stop on the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail. If you always pictured yourself living somewhere historic, check out Omaha. Learn how the pioneers lived and maybe even try it out for yourself. Starting over should be about reinvention. See if something in Omaha excites you.


Lisbon, Portugal

Do you love the idea of leaving America? Lisbon, Portugal, is the perfect place to move. Not only is it a gorgeous place, but the cost of living is excellent. You can survive on a monthly budget of $1,300, which includes your rent, food, and more. While living here, you’ll get to explore the incredible gardens, the beautiful parks, and the lovely cobblestone roads.

Is there a better place to start over than Portugal? Skip the hassle of moving all your things to a new state. Pack a small bag, head to Lisbon, and don’t look back.


If you’re looking for an easy way to start over, you can’t go wrong with any of these locations. Find a city that features incredible history, low housing prices, and a great job market. With everything these areas have to offer, you’ll be reinvigorated and refreshed in no time.

Naida Sheppard

Associate Editor

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