How to Feel Confident and Sexy, No Matter Your Age

People of any age should feel sexy, but sometimes it takes a little encouragement. Read on to discover how to feel confident and sexy, no matter your age.

Sexiness is a Mindset

There is truth to the expression “mind over body.” Sexiness is a mindset inspired by things that feel sexy. Fuel a sexy mindset with sultry thoughts or photos, read books or watch movies that spark the mood, or fantasize about personal memories.

Sexy is an attitude that is best learned through self-care. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest, focus on the positive, and calm stress. When the body and mind are cared for, it’s easy to feel sexy. Body confidence and high self-esteem are the keys to feeling sexy.

Practice Self-Love and Acceptance

Practicing self-love and acceptance is a vital step toward forming a sexy mindset. Be body-positive by accepting your body’s shape, size, and curves. Give a positive self-compliment every day on your appearance. It could be a compliment for a pretty smile, curly hair, long eyelashes, or great fashion sense. Then give a positive self-compliment for being yourself. Maybe it’s about being a good listener, a fun friend, a thoughtful companion, or a great home cook.

Dress to Impress

Clothes play an important part in feeling sexy. Make it a point to dress up, experiment with makeup, and wear something that makes you feel confident. Spice up your wardrobe with something new that is non-typical but that you always wanted to try. Wear a seductive piece of lingerie underneath an outfit or accentuate a look with some sexy heels. Get treated to a new hairstyle and play with new makeup.

Seductive eye makeup can instantly make a woman feel sexy. Glamnetic strives to make your daily makeup routine more efficient by creating high-quality products that make it easier to explore new trends. They have a collection of reusable lash kits in a variety of lengths and colors. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner, cut the lashes to fit the length of your eye, and place the lashes. To clean Glamnetic magnetic liner and mink lashes, simply remove the liner with coconut or olive oil and place lashes back in their magnetic tray to retain their shape.

Enjoy a long bath, get regular manicure and pedicure appointments, and wear an alluring fragrance. Being well-groomed in every way is a great way to feel sexy.

Be a Flirt

Nothing says sexy like good old flirting. Give lingering gazes, subtle touches, compliments, or even show a bit of cleavage. Flirty body language can quickly spark conversation and enhance the mood. Sexiness comes in many forms and is unique to each person. Focus on developing personal sexiness and ignore the stereotypes of what sexiness should be.

Go After Desire

Fulfilling fantasies and getting lost in the moment is sexy. Learn how to genuinely feel sexy by role-playing. Pretend to be someone who is sexy and confident until the mindset becomes permanent. Make eye contact with attractive people, walk with confidence, or pursue a promotion. The more sexiness is embodied, the stronger the feeling will be.

The idea of sexiness shifts with age from physical perfection to simply having the right attitude. Sexiness is about the chemistry between yourself and a partner. Sometimes it takes a little more than one-on-one time to get hormones going. The Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine (NJ Urology) is a team of sexual health specialists in Millburn, NJ. Their specialists are focused on helping couples treat sexual dysfunctions, whether they are physical or psychological. There are several components to sexual dysfunction in bother genders. The Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine can provide treatment for female hormone therapy, sex therapy, physical therapy, and erectile dysfunction therapy.

Naida Sheppard

Associate Editor

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