Baby’s First Winter: How to Protect Your Newborn in Cold Weather

As a new parent, you want to do everything in your power to protect your baby. But, as you encounter new situations it can be tough to know the right way to handle them. It may begin to feel overwhelming when you are bombarded with all the products you need for your new baby, especially when the season changes, and winter brings cold weather. For this, you and your baby will need a whole new wardrobe— among other things— to stay warm and protected. Finding a balance between style, practicality, and price may seem impossible, but we’ve found the best places to find your favorite top-quality winter items for you and your baby— and at a discount.

Shop smart for your baby.

Hats, socks, scarves, and jackets are all must-have accessories for a baby’s first winter, but any new parent knows that baby clothing can be quite pricey. And, because babies grow so fast, it can be heartbreaking to buy a really cute piece at full price when your baby might only wear it a handful of times! Online shopping is the best way to go when it comes to baby clothes. You can find tons of discounts, and you can often receive free shipping on larger purchases, making it a more economical choice for large shopping trips. A good place to start looking for your baby’s winter clothing is department stores. These stores often run great promotions and discounts on their online stock, and if you can shop a season ahead of time for your baby, you’ll find yourself saving even more on your winter essentials.

Treat yourself too, mom!

Having an affordable but stylish winter wardrobe for yourself may seem like a challenge, especially with a new baby, but knowing the right places to shop can help you find what you need and stay within budget.

Chico’s is one well-known women’s fashion brand with high-quality fashion that won’t break the bank. With beautiful accessories like scarves and jewelry, you can spice up any plain winter outfit easily. They have all of your outfit essentials like dresses, handbags, silk scarves, and even wraps and ponchos. While many of their regular price items are already affordable, for a limited time they are offering an additional 50% discount on many of their items.

Chico’s is a clothing brand that is meant to be timeless. Their goal is to give women the high-fashion designs they love at affordable prices so that any woman can have the chance to wear the clothes that make them feel good. As a new mom, having a comfortable and stylish wardrobe can be just what you need to boost your spirit. What better time to take advantage of their great prices than the winter months where you’re bundling up all of the time? They also offer free shipping on online orders of $125 or more. So go ahead and get that chic scarf you’ve been wanting to step-up your fashion game, and renew your winter wardrobe while you’re at it.

Keep your baby warm with necessary travel accessories.

Bundling up your baby and yourself in the right clothing and accessories is essential in the wintertime, but what about your baby travel items? Is your stroller equipped to protect your baby from the cold? Most strollers come with only the bare necessities and any other replaceable parts and accessories need to be purchased separately. These are often expensive and brand-specific. While most strollers do have a canopy, they usually lack a weather shield or extended canopy. Having a stroller rain cover puts an additional protective barrier between your baby and the cold weather.

Stroller Buzz has tons of baby travel accessories like comfort liners, diaper bags, and most popularly, rain covers. The Stroller Buzz Universal Rain Cover is a top-rated lightweight, plastic material weather shield that easily fastens to your infant car seat or pushchair. This extended canopy is made to any standard-sized, single-seat pram, regardless of brand. Using this universal raincover during the winter months protects your infant from harsh conditions like wind, rain, and snow, while also being well-ventilated and reflective for visibility, making it the optimum extended canopy for baby travel.


Stroller Buzz also offers links and reviews to many other luxury baby products like car seat covers, comfort liners, and stroller organizers. This can make it easy to compare sale price and quality between baby travel brands. As parents, during the wintertime we tend to layer clothing and overpack on outings, just to be safe. Having an organizer for your pram allows you to use your storage space effectively. Need a place to put your coat and scarf along with your rain cover and blankets? There’s an organizer for your specific needs. Stroller Buzz’s website has links to any baby travel and care items you may need as a new parent.

Layla King


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