Degrees and Programs Perfect for Students Who Want to Become Their Own Boss

Some students are okay with “working for the Man” while others need to break from the mold and be in charge. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make your own rules rather than follow someone else’s agenda, then finding a career path where you can be your own boss might sound like the dream. So how do you score a job where you get to be the boss? And what kind of degree or education should you have? Mostly you will need to find a career where self-employment is an option and the industry thrives on an entrepreneurial spirit. Here is a list of programs and degrees perfect for those seeking to run their own business or be their own boss.

Bachelor’s Degree in Art

When earning a bachelor’s degree in art, you’ll take a variety of studio art classes such as drawing, design, painting, photography, sculpture, and printmaking. Through your coursework, you’ll create an extensive portfolio showcasing your art and the level of your skill. 

Undergraduate degrees are broken down into Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts. You can also go to graduate school and earn a Master of Fine Arts degree. With an art degree, you have a plethora of jobs you can choose from. You can become an animator, art director, or graphic designer. You can design sets for television shows or logos for businesses. About 50 percent of individuals with art degrees are self-employed and a typical salary ranges from $$63,970 to $89,760. 

Automotive and Diesel Repair Programs

Cars have advanced significantly over the years, which means automotive technicians need a more advanced education than in previous decades. There are a variety of automotive programs and diesel repair programs, in which you’ll take a range of classes from engine repair and service and maintenance to possibly more advanced courses like alternative fuel systems and design and manufacturing. You can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in automotive technology and earn between $24,200 to $103,380 per year, depending on the kind of job you take. With an automotive degree, you can have a wide variety of career fields you can choose from including becoming a mechanic, automotive technician, general maintenance worker, automotive body repairer, or mechanical engineer. The degree is very hands-on so you may consider purchasing a used vehicle from a dealers auto auction to practice on. 

Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture 

Agriculture degrees typically center around farming and understanding how to manage or run a farm. You will take courses in farm management, agricultural economics, sustainable farming practices, and animal science among others. An agricultural manager is a popular job in the agriculture field. This job entails overseeing the daily operations of farms, greenhouses, or ranches. About 70 percent of agricultural managers are self-employed and earn around $64,000 per year. A college degree is not required for this line of work, so simply earning an Accredited Farm Manager certification from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers can suffice. 


Becoming a psychologist requires an extensive amount of education and usually means earning a doctorate degree. However, despite the lengthy education process, a career as a psychologist can be incredibly rewarding. Pursuing a degree in psychology could mean conducting heavy research and writing up a dissertation based on your findings and analyses. Or you could choose to focus on the more clinical aspect and have a practical education coupled with work in the field. Around one-third of psychologists are self-employed and run their own practices. Career paths include counseling, marriage and family therapy, and psychiatry. An average yearly salary is about $73,000. 

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