Faith-Based Gifts Your Pastor Will Love

Your pastor is one of the hardest-working members of your church community. Too often we take for granted the sheer magnitude of what church leadership entails. Being a pastor is more than writing sermons and preaching on Sundays. For all they do, and for the selfless ways they give, it’s important to ensure that they’re being equally filled emotionally and spiritually. Here are just a few faith-filled gifts that you can give your pastor to show them their hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Giving of Yourself

Several churches have various pastors whose roles serve a select group within the congregation; lead pastor, youth pastor, campus pastor—if your church has various locations, associate pastor, the list goes on. These hard-working men and women give their time and energy to every aspect of the church. From planning weekly services to coordinating local and global outreach, your pastors serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

One of the greatest gifts you can give to your pastor is the gift of your time. Serving and assisting the administrative and behind-the-scenes aspects of your church allows your pastor to delegate some of their responsibilities. Sign up to assist in your church office, take inventory of church supplies, do data entry for their new members’ information, or put together weekly programs. What may seem like a small task in your eyes could take a weight off of your church leaders. When your pastor opens the list of volunteer needs and sees a full schedule, they can turn their focus elsewhere.

Scripture for a Rainy Day

Have you ever had a day where you’ve felt completely overwhelmed by your to-do list? Your pastor gets that way, too. Write the next message, coordinate with the worship team, run through service with the media team, meet with a church member in need, their list goes on and on. Give back to the ones who are constantly pouring out by filling them with reminders of God’s word.


We often seek to find the perfect scripture or parable to send to a hurting friend, but forget that they’re meant for us, too. This goes twofold for your church leaders. They spend hours getting into the word of God to find the message that the Holy Spirit guides them to share with their congregation. They pray for guidance to reach the hearts that are desperate to feel God’s presence in their lives. Do the same for them today. Open your bible, say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide you to exactly the verse your pastor needs to hear, and then write it down. Write a note of encouragement, gratitude, and include that scripture. Your simple act of kindness could be the exact spirit-led word your pastor needed to hear to be revived.

God’s Creation Is Restorative

The church is not a building to visit once a week and walk away from. Being a Christian means living like Jesus, being his disciples in a world that desperately needs him. One way to reconnect with God is in the nature he created. Have you ever spent a few hours outdoors and instantly felt rejuvenated? Being outdoors restores the soul, allows for quiet moments of meditation, and opens the heart and mind to hear God’s voice.


You don’t have to book a fancy spa getaway to treat your pastor to some self-care. Research local hidden gems with spiritual backgrounds or scenic views to suggest to them. Grab your computer and conduct a search like “things to do on Mackinac island” or “scenic walking trails near me.” Pick a spot to visit together for a walk or hike. Pray over them, encourage them, and pour into their hearts what they so-often pour out to others. Whatever gift you choose, your pastor will be moved simply because you took the time to think of them.

Naida Sheppard

Associate Editor

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