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This website is devoted to collecting information about women currently working in philosophy around the globe. This list includes information about women worldwide holding a Ph.D. or M.A. in philosophy who (1) have a job researching or teaching philosophy, (2) previously had a job in philosophy and are still active in philosophy, or (3) have published an article in a philosophy journal or a book in a philosophy list.  Due to the purposes of the list, we have chosen not to include deceased philosophers or graduate students.  Graduate students who have earned an M.A. but who have remained in a graduate program to complete a Ph.D. should wait until they have completed their highest degree before submitting their name for inclusion.

The goal is to make their work easily accessible so that the large number of women working in this profession will be recognized and appreciated. Please note this is a work in progress and we hope to make it as comprehensive as possible. We are counting on crowdsourcing. Please fill out the ‘Want to Add Someone?‘ if you are a woman in philosophy not currently in the database. In particular we encourage women to add themselves since this will ensure the most accurate information in their entry.  We also encourage women from outside the U.S. to add themselves. If you are not a woman philosopher, or you are already included in the database, please encourage your female colleagues to add themselves, as well.  This database started with combining several pre-existing, disparate, short google spreadsheets; we recognize there are many women philosophers not included in the database yet. Which is why we need your help! We hope that members of the profession will help us to make the database as complete as possible.

If there is a woman working in philosophy that is not currently in our database, please fill out the ‘Want to Add Someone?.’ Also please fill out the ‘Request to Edit Information,’ if the information we have on our site is out of date or incorrect. Both of these forms can also be found under the Submit tab in the main menu above. We will add new philosophers and correct information as soon as possible.

The website consists of one main database which includes philosophers working within any areas of specialization within philosophy, you will find this list under the “Specialization” tab above, under “All Areas”. There are also lists for specific areas of specialization; every list is searchable by using the search box sitting above each database. You can search for individual philosophers, locations, and anything you want. For example, if you want to find all the entires that include “contemporary art”, then type that into the search box and those entries will appear. This is possible for every list.

You can find the full list of Areas of Specialization here. Please note that unless specifically noted, each list is not assumed to include only philosophers from the analytic or continental traditions. For more information on how to use this site and how the information included is collected and displayed, please visit the Using This Site page.

Please note that the category GRIDS+ includes the following areas of specialization: Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Sexuality.

If you are having any trouble with the site please fill free to contact us using the Contact form, also under the About tab above.

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Special thanks to those individuals helping to make this site possible by lending their time and support: Sally Haslanger, Ruth ChangRebecca Millsop, Joshua Kampa, the APA Committee on the Status of Women, the Women in Philosophy Task Force, MIT, and the TablePress plugin.